Favorite Images Captured from Waneta-Lamoka Lakes
If you have a nice shot of the lakes, send them and I will try to post them here.
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I think this shot is from the West Hill above Lamoka looking North at Waneta
Another FANTASTIC sunset at Waneta. Not sure where that cut out in the hill is.
Come on all you West Sider's, Let's see some sunrise shots!
This is from the North (Wayne) end of Waneta Looking South.
I have to yet to complete my "Lake Oddities" picture page. As we all know there are many odd goings on at Waneta, The boat parade, flare night, the annual pirate ship voyage, the list goes on. If you have any pictures that may fall in this catagory, please send them in, and please provide a full description.

Mail your pictures to WanetaLake@adelphia.net or Wanetalk@linkny.com

These 2 shots came from Waneta's International visitors!
These folks came all the way from Beautiful Germany to enjoy Waneta