Favorite Images Captured from Waneta-Lamoka Lakes
If you have a nice shot of the lakes, send them and I will try to post them here.
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Caught by the web cam 3/15/00 6:30am.
Looking west and south across Lake Waneta, just north of the point, around August, 1979.
One morning we looked out on the lake and all we could see was white. Once outside, it really looked like big clouds just sitting on the water, from Camp Gordon to the north end of Waneta. We rowed out into them, it was cold, like fog.
Even clouds need a place to rest, and they choose Waneta Lake. Who wouldn't.
Dave Stevens, Hinsdale, Illinois.
Lamoka from the south Channel in the Fall of 1997
Thanks to Paul Giometti for this shot.
Views like this are what gives the lakes their magic.
Another great Fall Lamoka shot.
Thanks to Roger Hinsdale and the Lakes' Association Web Page
The colors at these lakes beat Maine any time.