Welcome to Waneta Lake:

Why does this site exist? Good question, I keep asking myself that every time we pay the bills, but then I surf over to the Sunset Loop and I get the answer. If you are "lakers", like us, then you know the feeling you get sitting on the water, looking over the rolling hills, and just feeling completely at peace. The Finger Lakes are a very special place. This is a place where memories are created, good times are had, family and friends gather together. I feel people are naturally drawn to water and this lake is the best place I can think of to be.

This site lets us peek at the lake any time, even though we may be far away, or only get to visit there once a year. I had never seen the lake iced over before, or a winter sunset glistening off the ice. I had no CLUE people actually held automobile races out on the frozen lake.

It's almost as if the camera cheats the lake by giving up all her secrets. But I had the chance to stop by there in mid December this year (and do some upgrades of course), it was iced over with thick, solid ice. I walked out on the ice at twilight, and stood there completely still. The sounds the lake made were incredible. It was singing, a whooshing tone rushing back and forth and all around the lake. The sound would be soft, then roaring loud. The singing was only broken once and a while by a loud crack from the ice. It was a symphony of nature. A web cam will never provide that type of sensation, or even the smell and crackle of a camp fire. So I think her secrets are safe.

I hope this web site gives you as much joy as it gives me. I only wish I could put a little more time into it and provide more lake information.



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